2020 Crete Woman’s Club Garden Walk

2020 Crete Woman’s Club Garden Walk


With the uncertainties, we are facing as this global pandemic runs its course, the Crete
Woman’s Club feels our most responsible choice is to cancel “A Day in the Country” for
this year. It takes the effort of many CWC members which begins in March to create a
lovely event for participants. We will be unable to do the major planning of this event
which occurs in May due to current circumstances.
The garden walk is the major fundraiser for the Crete Woman’s Club which supports our
scholarship program. We have been able to provide scholarships totaling over $10,000 a
year for many years. We are always grateful for donations which will provide continued
support of this program.

If you wish to donate, please make checks payable to:

Crete Woman’s Club
PO Box 104
Crete, Il 60417

Please watch this site for updates on future events hosted by the Crete Woman’s Club.
Stay safe and healthy, as we look forward to seeing you, especially next year—in the garden!

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